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Presale for the NEW Mexican Ketones in Flavor Hibisco!

Each order will include 5 vials.

What’s the difference between NATS and Mexican Ketones?

Mexican Ketones are INSTANT ketosis and sodium free. They are also made with allulose. Each Vial can be taken as a shot or mixed with water! Easy to take on the go or enjoy at your own pace.

Nat Ketones are made with BHB Salts and are a powdered form that are GUARANTEED to put you in ketosis in under 1 Hour! Save 1 Hour and get into ketosis INSTANTLY!



        • KETO//OS Promotes Relaxation.


        • KETO//OS May Reduce Stress & Frustration.


        • KETO//OS May Temporarily Reduce Absentmindedness.


        • KETO//OS May Boost Stamina.


        • KETO//OS Helps Enhance Muscle Tone.


        • KETO//OS may help provide relief from stress, such as occasional simple tension, nervousness due to common over work and fatigue, and gently soothes away tension.



    • KETO//OS #1 Ketone Supplement.


    • KETO//OS Stimulates Fat Loss.


    • KETO//OS Increases Muscle Preservation.


    • KETO//OS Reduces Brain Fog.


    • KETO//OS Increases Focus.


    • KETO//OS Improves Strength Gain.


    • KETO//OS Promotes a Better Mood.


    • KETO//OS Causes Primal Body Function.


    • KETO//OS Provides a Deeper Sleep.


    • Keto//OS May Promote Cleaner Digestion.


    • KETO//OS Will Not Promote Lipogenesis.


    • KETO//OS Enhances Physical Performance.


    • KETO//OS Promotes High Nitrogen Retention Protein Synthesis.


    • KETO//OS Provides Elevated and Sustained High Energy Ketones.


    • KETO//OS Promotes Sustained Energetics.


    • KETO//OS Promotes Thermogenesis.


    • KETO//OS May Provide Neuroprotection & Increase brain activity.


    • KETO//OS Promotes Triglyceride Reduction.


    • KETO//OS Promotes Enhanced Neurological Efficiency. KETO//OS Promotes Re-balancing of Yeast in Gut (candida).


    • Elevated Ketones Helps with Appetite Suppression. Science Suggests Elevated Ketones May Reduce Free Radicals.


    • Elevated Ketones May Temporarily Reduce Stiffness.


    • Elevated Ketones in the Body May Stabilize the Body During Seasonal Changes.


    • Elevated Ketones May Increase Lipolysis for Energy Substrate Utilization.


    • Elevated Ketones May Help Strengthen and Support Cartilage & Joint function.


    • Science Suggests Elevated Ketones May Help to Maintain Cholesterol Levels That are Already Within Normal Range.


    • Elevated Ketones May Help With Mild Memory Issues Due to Aging.


    • Elevated Ketones Helps to Reduce Mood Swings.


    • Elevated Ketones May Help to Provide Minor Pain Relief.


    • Science Suggests Elevated Ketones May Increase TCA Cycle Efficiency and ATP Production.


    • Elevated Ketones May Help Maintain Cardiovascular Function and a Healthy Circulatory System.


    • Elevated Ketones May Assist in Improving The Pattern of LDL Cholesterol and Increases Levels of HDL (good cholesterol). Science Suggests Elevated Ketones May Assist in Cognitive Improvement.


    • Science Suggests Elevated Ketones May Improve Insulin Insensitivity.


    • Science Suggests Elevated Ketones May Improve Cellular Health and Longevity/Anti-aging.


    • Science Suggests Elevated Ketones Promotes Fat Loss Without Muscle Loss.


    • Elevated Ketones promotes Clearer Skin.



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