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**1 trial pack per product type per customer**


3 BRAND NEW FLAVORS OF MITOPLEX plus our original (for a total of 4 MITO//PLEX) comes in this trial kit!

☀️Electric lime

🍋Fantastic lemon

🍊Bombastic orange

Mitoplex is upgraded electrolytes! Which is absolutely essential if you are following keto and/or drinking ketones!

Did you know a headache can be an indicator of an electrolyte (sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium) deficiency?? This will help with that & any keto flu like symptoms!

Mitoplex includes magnesium, potassium sodium & vitamins!! These are the BEST electrolytes! This will improve energy, performance & increase muscle mass! Now with these delicious flavors you can drink them at any time just mix them right in with water!




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