Keto//UP 2 Can Sample Pack (Flavors Vary)


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**1 trial pack per product type per customer**

Try my FAVORITE product for productivity, energy and overall CRUSHING intermittent fasting and fat burning with SUPER KETONES.

These will put you into ketosis IMMEDIATELY. They are NOT bound to a salt, the only ketone in the world that can say that! They are a free acid. Carbonated and taste AMAZING.

What they taste like:

Unicorn slam: tastes like a strawberry starburst

Toucan Tango: has a tropical flavor, hints of coconut

The Big Apple: is like a sour apple or apple jolly rancher

Blue RAZZ: our newest flavor! tastes like a blue raspberry blow pop

**Samples are Available to ship in the US ONLY

Due to boarder regulations of liquids please only order if you are in the UNITED STATES. If you are located in another country you can shop the full packs here by changing your location to see if its available.

Keto//UP is a NEW technology that will get you into ketosis immediately, without waiting! It contains a free cell technology which means there is NO SODIUM or added salt! This is great for people who tend to bloat easily on the keto diet or for those who follow any meal plans! Learn more and read the nutrition facts here.

After trying a sample order a half or full case and put it on smartship to save 22% off a month and save on shipping: Referrer code: jeniseelke



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